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Tugas English

Name : Milla Eka Putri
Class  : PB 06
NIM  : 11215201324

Page 13
Exercise 9 Fill in the gaps in to complete this descriptive paragraph about yourself.

I am nine teen years old, I have black eyes and short black hair. I wear Muslim dress because I am a Muslim. I am a student in UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, my mayor is Mathematic Education. I like my job because I want to reach my goal and also I wanna be a teacher. I enjoy my job. I often discuss the mathematical with my friends. I also like travelling bacause I was bored so I wanted to look for a new situation. But, I am not allowed to go all the way, bacause my parents are worried with me. I live in female dormitory UIN SUSKA Riau. People in female dormitory UIN SUSKA Riau are friendly and helping each other. I enjoy living in female dormitory UIN SUSKA Riau because its near from my campus.

Describe My Photo

            This is my picture with my friends also my teacher when I’m in Senior High School number 2 Payakumbuh, class Twelfth Science One. In font of this photo, exactly in the middle are my teacher. His name is Mr. George Martin Peto. He usually was called Mr. Peto. He had taught English education. He is very kind, because he always treat my friends and I. I liked his teaching. He is also diligent teacher, he always come to our class on time.

            Beside Mr. Peto, also is my teacher. Her name is Mrs. Irma Ariati. She is counseling teacher. She is rather tall and she has white skins. Unfortunately, if she tought in our class her voice is slowly.

            In this photo, the all of my friends are twenty nine. They are twelfe boys and seventeen girls. Togethrness in our class is very strong.

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